Letters from Caro

Hi there!
If you have found your way through the vastness of the world wide web onto my little contribution to the internet here, you must be really searching for answers. Or you simply have an abundance of free time, that you are looking to fill with some sort of amusement. Whether it is the first or the latter, I hope to cater to both of you and many more!

First of all, welcome to my little world and thank you for sticking with me!
My name is Carolina as in “Letters from Caro” and that’s pretty much what this blog is about. Just like Felix from “Briefe von Felix” (German readers, where you at?), I am currently on a round-the-world trip. It’s funny how childhood TV-series still have major influence over your “adult” mind, isn’t it? “Insert quote about never growing up”. I guess, my parents raised me well and perhaps, rather unintentionally as they will admit, set me up to become a globetrotter. Using pen, paper and post stamp might seem a bit outdated in the era of high-speed communication and immediate access to a wide array of information. Furthermore, who has the time to write hundreds of letters to reach as many people as possible, right? I installed this platform to share my journey and tips with anyone, who just like me, is a nomad by heart and passionate about learning more about different destinations and cultures. If you are as interested in following my adventures as I was in Felix’s, I invite you to grab a cup of tea and become immersed in my collection of letters.
Let’s be honest, most of us admire those big bloggers and full-time travelers and long to live their adventures through them. I certainly am one of those people and my dream is to be free to roam the world whenever and as long as I can. And that is exactly what I am doing at the moment. My adventure started off as a five month trip to Australia and if you ask me, has been extended indefinitely.
I chose to call this blog “Letters from Caro”, because I would like it to serve as documentation of my trips with a personal spin, while still providing useful information. You will find letters with tips and tricks, travel guides, stories from my backpack, discussing global issues or simple entertainment addressed to a specific reader type or broader audience.
By providing an insight into my thoughts and personal experiences, I aim to present my perspective according to my travel style and values and would love to connect with people from all over the world to share anecdotes, assume different point of views and be part of a global community, thus I encourage you to leave a comment or shoot me a message on my social media linked below!
My goal is to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and into the world and to facilitate discussions about responsible travel and sustainability by encouraging you to look beyond your backpack.
Big shout out to you, if you have made it this far and I look forward to seeing you again!

With love, 


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